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Monday, March 18, 2013

My cats..

Well.. Sapphire is on the mend.. from her major infection of her mouth... dont have a picture of her on this computer.. unfortunately it is on the computer that got taken over with a virus.. this picture is of Gabby who now is sick.. both cats have the same problem.. both are infected with Feline Aids, which makes them more susceptible to infections.. Gabby was born with it.. and Sapphire, who knows how she got it.. as she had it when I got her.. The two of them keep my Vet in business all by themselves.. unfortunately..

Here are some links about Feline Aids.. and yes.. you CAN have cats with FIV in the house with other cats that don't have it...

Links didnt seem to go thru..

Winn Feline Heath Foundation this is a PDF file.. you need Adobe Reader to read this

Wikipedia - FIV article
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