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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


While at the fair.. we also got to see alot of bunnies.. I love rabbits.. they are really cute.. and soft.. and make good pets.. I used to watch this rabbit when his owners went away.. he was a smart little bugger.. lol. I would sit on the floor with him and visit.. first he would explore for a while, then come for attention.. but once I put my book down.. he knew it was time for me to go.. and then he would run and hide cos he didnt want to go back to his cage.. lol.. like I said.. smart little bugger..

The rabbit on the left.. she is so pretty.. looked like a calico cat!

I also make bunnie slippers.. Lop ear ones.. smile..These make cute gifts for babies and toddlers.. and keeps their feet nice and toasty.. You can custom order these in any colors and sizes.. with embroidery eyes or wiggly eyes (older than 3 for the eyes).

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