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Monday, August 18, 2014

More Fair Photos

Being a retired Vet Tech.. I love animals. smile.. back in the 1970's.. I first tried to get my Vet Tech training.. but didnt make it into Morrisville (which at the time was one of the few places that had it).. so I went to Cobleskill, which I was taking Animal Husbandry - Horses (yes.. my dream at the time was to work with horses).. unfortunately, while there.. I lost what was left of my hearing.. so didnt finish.. still to this day I love horses.. This picture was of a mustang. always wanted to adopt one.

This picture made me laugh.. since my ex-hubby's name was Chuck.. grin.
Have to say Holstein calves are cute..
Here is a picture of me with a Guernsey calf.
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