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Monday, August 4, 2014

Being Self Sufficient! Part 1

I was reading this really interesting article on 9 Keys to Living a More Self-Sufficient Life!  It was quite informative.. and boy, I find that I am slowly doing what they are doing.. Just gardening to supply a part of our food supply, and selling my stuff online makes me feel both useful and in control of my life..

I decided to take one step every other day and discuss this.. for today I am discussing Step One..

#1 Simplify and Remove the Clutter

Are you a pack rat? A minimalist? I find that clutter stresses me out.. I hate not being able to find things.. and seeing a mess.. you would never think that if you saw my craft room.. but even in that disorder.. I have some structure to it.. cos I know where everything is!!

This is probably one of the hardest steps for me to do.. first, I am a collectors of yarn and crochet patterns.. tons and tons of them.. lol. I probably have patterns that go back to the 1940's (way before I was born too.. grin).. and my boyfriend is a bit of a pack rat.. sigh.. My latest attempt to do this is I am bagging up stuff in the back room again.. either to give away or throw away.. hopefully he wont figure it out.. lol..

I also am currently getting rid of items on Ebay.. selling books, tapes, and other small items to clear them out and make a little money too.. What doesnt sell after a matter of time ends up on Listia.. I am doing the same for my patterns.. slowly scanning them and putting them up for sale on Ebay or Listia.. it is a work in progress.. I figure I might be gone before they are all gone.. lol..

So I am taking 15 minutes a day to either pack up stuff from the back room.. or organizing items in my craft room to scan and sell.. little time.. hopefully will make some changes.. lol.. we will see.. I will update this probably in 2 weeks or so..

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