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Monday, September 7, 2015

Just a quickie.. Happy Labor Day!

I probably should have did some sales work.. but it is so hot here.. Certainly doesn't feel like September!!  My boyfriend and I did barbecue.. ribs.. and made some homemade macaroni salad (with low fat ranch salad dressing and light Miracle Whip).. I also cut up some fresh cukes and tomatoes.. then we went out and hit all the thrift stores.. 50% off today.. cant pass that up.. got a new keyboard, a shark hand vacuum... and best of all.. a ton of books.. (I know I dont need more books.. but these were books on my to read list.. cant go wrong..

so now I am working on some stuff here.. packing orders and clearing out emails.. I know I will have a ton of work to do tomorrow.. and Wed.. See you then..
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