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Friday, September 11, 2015

Such A Sad Day.. Remembering 9/11

If you are like everyone in the US today.. you are remembering where you were when the planes crashed into the towers.. Back then, I worked in a Vet Hospital as a LVT.. and it was a typical day of getting ready for appointments and surgery.. our surgeries showed up.. but after that.. no one showed up for appointments.. no one called to cancel either.. we all were rather confused.. until we got the message of what what happened.  One of the other Vets came in with a small TV and we watched in horror just like everyone else.. needless to say we cancelled the rest of the appointments and the next day.. I remember sitting there watching and watching that same horrible moment over and over.. eventually you just had to stop watching as it just was too horrible to watch..

Today on the news they were discussing the children who died in 9/11.. one of them.. a small two year old girl, who's name was Christine Hanson of MA.. she was the youngest to die there.. on a plane (Flight 175).. It brings back the horror again.. as that is really close to my daughter's name.. R.I.P. Christine and the rest of the people who died there..

Picture came from from Dennis_Germany.
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