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Saturday, March 14, 2015

These are a few of my favorite things.. part 2

Of course everyone who follows my blog knows I love to crochet.. I started crocheting at the age of 12 when my grandmother showed me some of the simple stitches while she was making doilies.. I liked it.. but thread wasnt my thing.. it really hurt my hands.. so didnt pursue it until I was in high school.. and it was the 1970's and crochet items were in style.. so I wanted to learn.. unfortunately.. no one to teach me.. my grandmother by that time was blind with cataracts..  so I got one of those beginner books at Woolworth's.. a crochet hook and a skein of yarn.. and taught myself.. was able to make basic things.. smile.. still have the first item I ever made.. a crochet bag to carry my yarn and stuff.. if I remember.. I will take a picture..  cos I still use it.. So by this time.. I was in high school.. and one of the nuns taught me to combine stitches.. and read patterns.. she also taught me to use an afghan hook..

I didnt use my skills except to make gifts, as it was less expensive to make a gift for a wedding or baby shower than buy something.. wish I had pictures of all the items I made back then.. have some of them.. but not many.. Will try to spend some time finding pictures next week and put them up.. as they all are packed away in photo albums.. smile..

On my next blog entry about this.. (part 3).. I hope to have pictures and will tell you more about my crocheting..

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