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Sunday, December 15, 2013


Over the last year, I have been thinking on how to save time.. with all the stuff I do, I sometimes feel like I dont have much down time.. even my boyfriend told me I need to slow down.. so I have made a few decisions.. hopefully this will cut back on my stress levels..

One - Old & New Shoppe in Buy Sell Community will be closed.. I will only put my items up on Ebay.. which of course will raise my prices.. but most of my sales are thru Ebay anyways.. the Yahoo Groups have effectively stopped selling for me.. I say less than 10% of my sales are thru the groups.. so why not just list them on Ebay and just show my Ebay link?? They generally will be Buy It Now anyways.. and I will just keep the ads up for 30 days at a time.. this way I cut back on some of the time on the computer..

Two -- leaving me with more time to make things for my Etsy store -- The Cat's Meow Crochet.. I am selling alot of items thru there now.. as well as on Facebook..

My Yahoo Groups -- I will still keep them open.. it is just the links will go directly to Ebay or Etsy.. members of my Old & New Group will still get their 10% discount (they still will need to tell me they are a member).. and you still can get the items directly thru me.. and not on Ebay.. of course, if someone places a bid and/or orders before you actually buy it, they will get it first..

Cat's Meow members dont get a discount.. but they will get special sales at least 4 times per year.. that they and Facebook Members only get.. and if you buy thru Facebook.. you already get a discount..

Last but least.. I now will need a deposit on all orders.. as again.. someone stuck me with an order. unless it is a small order of $5 or less.. it isnt fair to me and to others behind you to leave me in suspense..

Well.. back to computer work and crocheting.. I might have some time to just relax.. soon.. lol..
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