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Friday, October 7, 2016

Signs of Portents by Lou Paduano

I normally don't do full book reports on books I have read.. but since this is a book written by my cousin's son and my cousin was nice enough to gift me this book and the most important part.. the book was good.. I thought I would do a blog entry and also list this on Amazon, Good Reads and Barnes and Noble..

This book is gonna be part of a series, which is a plus in my mind as I prefer them.. The book started off with 2 prologues, which confused me at first, but after reading a few chapters in, I realized that it was the back draft for the main characters... Greg Loran and Soriya Graystone..

The book is full of dark atmosphere with hidden under currents, which is appropriate to the storyline.. He has alot of descriptions, which helps you visualize both the scenery.. and which is going on in the minds of the characters.  I also liked how it ended.. which definitely lets you know there will be another book.. (hopefully soon!!).. I cant wait to read the next one..
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