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Friday, July 29, 2016

Christmas In July!!

I finished two Christmas Ornaments for my Listia auctions.. am pleased how they both came..

The first one is a puffy ornament.. I realized.. as I was making it.. it would also make a really nice sachet.. so I think I will sell this also on Etsy.. and you can order it there after August 1st.. you can have it filled with either dried Lavender, dried Peppermint leaves or filled with Cotton for $3.50.. if you want just an ornament.. you can order that for $3.  I have many buttons I can use for the front.. only one of this snowflake left though..

I made these last year also.. they are great for stuffing in cards.. also look really nice on a tree.. this is a red glitter and white.. I sold these last year for 5 for $7.50.. may do the same..not sure..
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