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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sick Cats.. Special Sale

One of the problems of having a number of cats.. especially senior cats is when they get sick it really takes a bite out of our money.. and we had two of them in the same week.. 

Spookie got sick first.. had kidney problems that went into kidney failure.. tried to get him over the hump.. didn't work.. and we had to put him to sleep.. really upsetting as I had him as a kitten.. and he was about 15 years old..
Then Zeb got sick.. he is our oldest.. is 17 -18 now.. at least he was treatable.. fluids and meds.. he is having problems with his liver and has low potassium.. 
So now I need a clearance sale for funds. which will go on Monday - Thursday.. This sale will start at 7 am EST on Monday.. come to my blog on Monday am for the saving code for this sale.. you can get 15% off of anything listed in my store.. as long as it isn't custom.. including the items I just put up in the last few days.. I will be working hard to get more items up for the sale.. thank you!!

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