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Friday, July 18, 2014

Latest Crochet Projects Done!

I thought I would update what I have finished in the last couple of days.. I finally finished the LARGE order of dishclothes.. my last design was what I called KrisKross dishclothes.. they basically use the xtitch design that I made up (not the stitch but the dishcloth).. wanted something with texture for great cleaning and think this will work..

You can order these directly from me for $1.75 or 2 for $3 (special price right now) or on Etsy at this link

I also finished off this cat toy that I am auctioning on Listia.. one person just won it.. and this was the colors she picked.. you also can bid on this on Listia by joining and bidding here or by ordering them on Etsy at this link.. 
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