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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Just stopping in..

I have been getting alot of orders.. unfortunately since it hasn't been too sunny here.. I havent been able to get the pictures I wanted to get.. today was sunny, but I wasn't home to get them.. am hoping to get some in the next day or so..

I currently am working on an order of hanging towels and matching dishclothes. got 3 out of 4 towels done.. and almost finished the first dishcloth.. of course, it is my KrissKross dishclothes.. I get a lot of orders for that pattern.. I may just focus on those and remove the other ones from Etsy since I don't get orders via them..

I am quite happy to say that my towels are jumping off the shelves at DIY, on Etsy and on Facebook.. I only have 3 St Patrick ones left.. and less than 10 Easter.. smile.. makes me quite happy..

Here is a link to the DIY Buffalo Facebook page.. if you like crafts.. I do suggest you check them out.. they got alot of items for low prices..
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