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Saturday, January 16, 2016

How to get a discount from my store!!

One of my biggest problems is taking photos.. for some reason I have difficulty taking photos of my items.. so I decided to get the help of my customers.. if you buy an item that I want a special photo of and you take it for me.. and send it and allow me to use it for my sales.. I will refund you 10 - 15% of the item's cost.. this will only be for people I ask for photos from.. this isnt for past orders.. only for any orders from Jan 2016 on..

If you just send me a photo of my items in use.. I will send you a discount of $2 off your next time.. up to $10 in cost total.. this discount can be used on any order.. up to 50% of the item.. This on the other hand are for any items you have bought off of me.. and you send starting now..
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