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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Long Time.. Been Busy With My Health

Back in March I started having "female" problems again.. and had to go thru alot of tests.. come to find out that I had uterine cancer, which scared the heck out of me to be honest. As the first series of tests came out negative for that (back in September of last year) and now I had it..

I was trying very hard to get everything done and closed and out of the way before surgery - finish orders, close down my stores for "vacation", get my garden put in, get spring cleaning out of the way.. seems the more you rush the less you get done.. lol..

So in late May I was running around after seeing a Specialist taking all kinds of tests - CAT scans, blood work, etc and had surgery June 8th. It ended up that it hadnt spread and luckily I had a wonderful surgeon who got it out robotically.. so I am on the mend now.. Just an after surgery infection of my bladder, which with meds now is starting to feel better.. I am slowly but surely working to get all my stores back up.. and get orders out again.. and back writing my blog.. hope to have some new pictures up too..

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