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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Craft store visit..

Last night, my friend, Diane and I went out shopping as I needed stuff for orders.. our first stop was The Christmas Tree Store.. hoping to find more Thanksgiving towels.. they had a few.. but the ones they had were too expensive.. so passed on them.. I did find some towels to use for Plastic Bag holders.. am hoping to start a couple next week..

Then we hit Joanne's.. they were having a yarn sale (25% off) plus an additional sale of 20% off your total order.. I got the yarn for my next two orders as well as 3D paint to use on the bottom of slippers so they grip the floor..

Then we went to Denny's.. for coffee.. happily.. they had pumpkin coffee.. and I also spurge and had pumpkin pancakes.. nice treat.  So in all.. it was a relaxing and successful evening.. Got home and just crocheted for a short while.. then hit the sack..
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